Captain Carmen Del Palazzo

Captain Del Palazzo is responsible for the overall supervision and management of personnel assigned to the Administrative Division which is comprised of the Community Affairs Bureau, Administrative Records Bureau, and Traffic Unit. He is responsible for the management, resource development, and daily operations of each bureau.

Captain Del Palazzo is designated as the Department’s Emergency Services Commander, Internal Affairs Supervisor, and the Department’s Public Information Officer. He has been assigned as the 2nd Deputy to Emergency Management for Voorhees Township. Captain Del Palazzo is a Tactical SWAT Operator for the Lower Camden County Regional Special Response Team. Captain Del Palazzo has a diverse background with emergency services and public safety as he has served in the following fields: Emergency Medical Services, Fire, Corrections, Sheriffs, and Police. Del Palazzo is well-versed in the fields of active shooter / hostile event and is an active shooter instructor for law enforcement and school personnel throughout the region. He is trained in Infrastructure Protection and received certification through Texas A&M Engineering. Also, trained in, “CARVER” which is a nationally recognized target analysis & vulnerability assessment methodology used by military, intelligence, DHS, and law enforcement.

Captain Del Palazzo is certified in “Force Science Analysis” where he is trained to recognize and articulate important psychological, biological, and physiological factors that can influence human behavior and memory in force encounters and pursuit situations. This training is based on solidly documented findings about human dynamics by the Institute’s Force Science Research Center and other internationally acclaimed research sources, which helps interpret how and why a force confrontation evolved as it did. This specialized training provides a protocol for investigating and interviewing that will best assure a fair, balanced, impartial, and comprehensive explanation of the encounter in question. In addition, Del Palazzo is certified through Force Science in their Realistic De-escalation program. Del Palazzo has been certified in the New Jersey Crisis Intervention Program (CIT) which is an intense, interactive, and international model of police-based training with community mental health care and advocacy partnerships.

Captain Del Palazzo is a graduate of the FBI-LEEDS program and received his BAIS & MAIS with Honors from Fairleigh Dickinson University. Del Palazzo is also a NJ Certified Public Manager (NJ CPM), which is a nationally recognized program. Captain Del Palazzo recently graduated from the NJSACOP Command Officer Development Program; these programs are designed around core leadership components. Del Palazzo has earned the New Jersey Traffic Safety Specialist Certification Level 1. The New Jersey Safety Specialist Certification is issued by the Advisory Committee (New Jersey State Police, Kean University, Rutgers University, New Jersey Division of Highway Traffic Safety, and the New Jersey Police Traffic Officers Association) for having accomplished significant experience, education, training and proficiency in Highway Safety and Traffic Enforcement. Del Palazzo was awarded the New Jersey Traffic Safety Specialist Certification Level 2 for the development and implementation of a technical study to improve traffic safety conditions and reduce traffic crashes.