Alarm Registration

In accordance with Chapter 35 of the Code of the Township of Voorhees all alarms must be registered with the Police Department. Failure to do so may result in the discontinuation of police response and/or fines.

Property Information

If Property is Leased

Alarm Information

Note: Direct Dial Alarms To The Police Department Are Prohibited!

Emergency Responders

Must be at least two people who are authorized to respond, open premises, and can shut off (or reset) the alarm. It is recommended that you provide at least one responder that will be available if you are out of town (At least 1 of the responders should be able to make decisions regarding the property on your behalf in the event of an emergency). If you would like to authorize more than three people, please let us know.

Alarms installed after 09/01/97 must have a timing device that automatically shuts off the alarm after 60 minutes after it is activated. Alarms installed prior to 09/01/97 must either have a timing device or procedures in place whereby the alarm is manually or automatically shut off within 60 minutes after it is activated.

Occupant Information

Pursuant to Voorhees Township Code, I hereby indemnify and hold the Township harmless from and on account of any and all damages arising out of the activities of me or my alarm contractor and arising out of the existence, operation, failure to operate, use or misuse of the alarm system on the registered premises and arising out of the operation or failure to operate of the alarm console.