Contact Us

24/7 Phone Numbers:

  • Emergencies 9-1-1
  • Non-emergencies 856-428-5400
  • Anonymous Tip Line 856-627-7174

9-1-1 information:

When calling 9-1-1, stay on the line until told by the dispatcher to disconnect. Answer all questions as accurately and descriptively as possible if you have the information requested. Advise the dispatcher if there are any firearms or other dangerous weapons at the location. If you are calling about a location other than where you are calling from, make sure you inform the dispatcher.

9-1-1 is designed to report emergencies requiring police, fire, or medical assistance. 9-1-1 should not be used for general questions or to report utility outages. To report power or other utilities out of service, contact your service provider.

Business Hours Contact Information:

  • Records Section 856-627-5858 (select option 1)
  • Police Administration Building 856-627-5858
  • Property Officer 856-882-1142
  • Traffic Unit 856-627-5858 (select option 6)
  • Firearms Identification Unit 856-882-1162
  • Community Affairs Sergeant 856-882-1104