There is a street light out in my neighborhood, who may I contact to report the outage?

Voorhees Township is provided electricity by both PSE&G and Atlantic City Electric.  Whichever company bills your neighborhood for power would be the company to contact, links to their street light out reporting pages are below.

May I pay my motor vehicle summons (traffic ticket) online?

For certain violations, yes.  On the bottom of the summons/ticket there is a box that is labeled “Court Appearance Required.”  If this box is checked off by the officer, you may not pay the summons/ticket online and must appear before the court.  If this is not checked off by the officer, simply click on the below link and follow the prompts from the NJ Administrative of the Courts.  If you have any other questions, the phone number for the Voorhees Municipal Court is 856-429-0770.

May I report a bulb out on a traffic signal via this website?

Yes, email the reported outage to our Traffic Unit at Traffic@vtpd.com.  Please be as specific as possible about the location and which direction the bulb is facing.  If the signal is completely out of service, meaning none of the lights are working, call 911.

How can I report a pothole, street sign down/damaged, or other roadway condition?

If the issue is on a Camden County roadway, you can report the issue online via the link attached for the Camden County Department of Public Works.  If the issue is on a Voorhees Township roadway you may report it by calling 856-428-5499 or by emailing publicworks@voorheesnj.com.  For issue(s) on NJ State Rt. 73 you may contact the NJ Department of Transportation online via the attached link.

Can I download a copy of a motor vehicle crash (accident) report online?

Yes, please contact us.

My power/utility is out, should I call the Voorhees Police Department/911?

If you believe there is a gas leak, live wires, or any other hazardous condition call 911.  Otherwise, no, please do not call our Agency to report power or utility outages.  Typically, when power/utility outages occur there is a major weather event or serious vehicle crash that increases emergency call volume to the Camden County Communications Center (dispatchers).  Calling to report power/utility outages may increase wait time for people attempting to report emergencies.  If you are experiencing a power/utility outage, please follow the below links to report the outage to your respective utility provider.

How do I go about applying for a firearms identification card/firearms permit to purchase?

For more information on this topic, please visit our Firearms Registration and Permits page.

Does the Voorhees Police Department accept reports via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc?

No.  Our social media platforms are not monitored 24/7.  The appropriate avenue for requesting police service is via phone.  In emergencies call 911, for non-emergencies call 856-428-5400.  To provide anonymous tips visit our anonymous tip page or call 856-627-7174.

How do I report unfair, deceptive, or unlicensed business practices?

You may contact the NJ Division of Consumer Affairs at 973-504-6200, or online.

The NJ Better Business Bureau is also a resource to report said business practices.  They can be reached by calling 609-588-0808, or online.

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Send any other questions to media@vtpd.com