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  • Body Worn Cameras

    Posted on September 04, 2015 by Voorhees Police

    Body worn camera (BWC) as worn by members of our Criminal Investigations Bureau and plain-clothes officers.

    The Voorhees Police Department is proud to announce the implementation of body worn cameras for its Officers. The decision to research body worn cameras initiated back in April 2014, when Chief Bordi envisioned his Officers wearing body worn cameras. Voorhees Police has selected and deployed the Digital Ally FirstVu HD body worn cameras for its Officers. Specifically, we would like to thank the Voorhees Township Committee for all their support and funding for this project.

    The Voorhees Police Department prides itself on our transparency to the public. We believe that the use of these cameras will significantly benefit both the community and our officers. Officers will be able to document their point of view more accurately by reviewing the incidents for details rather than relying solely on memory recall. In addition, this added benefit will certainly enhance Officers preparation for court cases.

    Body Worn Cameras are certainly a powerful tool that can assist police and at the same time give the community a better understanding of what happened during an encounter. However, we know that no technology is a perfect answer to all situations, therefore cameras should not be considered the only source of detail recollection. Body-worn cameras do have limitations that need to be understood and considered when evaluating the recordings, however we believe the community and the officers who work to improve the quality of life here will benefit from their use. It’s a win-win for all involved.

    For added Officer accountability, supervisors also will be able to review the videos captured by the body cameras to assess how officers interact with citizens and, if necessary, tailor their training programs to improve how those officers work in the field.

    For more information about this topic, please contact Captain Carmen Del Palazzo.