• Safety Message

    Posted on November 26, 2013 by Voorhees Police

    The Voorhees Police Department would like to send out this Safety Message for the residents and business owners in town.

    We are approaching that time of year when people break away from the confines of their home, to enjoy the warmer temperatures.  As we do this, some may choose to mulch garden beds around our property, add topsoil, or brick walkway to our yards.  Some people do this work themselves and others hire landscapers to complete the job.  Either way, Voorhees Residents must be informed that it is against the law to dump or have dumped anything onto the street in Voorhees.  This is in violation of Township Ordinance 98.16 and Interference with Transportation 2C: 33-14.

    Every year at this time, the Voorhees Township Police Department gets numerous calls about piles of topsoil, mulch, and even piles of landscaping bricks or block that have been left in the street.  Even if the pile is not blocking traffic, it’s still against the law.  The homeowner is responsible to remove it immediately.  If you hired a contractor to do the work and they left any debris in the street, the homeowner and the contractor’s supplier is responsible to remove the debris from the roadway.

    Simply stated, the streets in Voorhees are designed for the purpose of moving traffic, which includes cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles and the like.  Voorhees Police officers have a right to issue citations for these violations that occur on any street in town.

    Please be considerate when having this type of work done on your property and Please do not allow anyone to dump anything on the street in front of your home.